Happy New Year!!

Wishing you a happy year 2015! A lot of changes coming ahead and I am optimistic.



Quarterly Review

My husband and I do this thing called the quarterly review. It’s one of the best things we ever do for our sanity, marriage, just keep tabs of everything. I thought I’ll share with you just in case you’re interested.

Every three months, we sit down and have a session to review how we’re doing these four categories:

1. Mental
2. Physical
3 financial
4. Spiritual

Mental is defined by our mental well-being, how we feel about our work, family, and other aspects of life, etc.

In Physical, we talk about our health, weight goals, and how well we feel physically overall.

We review Financial health and make decisions on if we are going change things in the near future.

Spiritual examines our existence, our roles in this society, and our connectivity to others emotionally and spiritually.

We find these sessions extremely useful in examining our current situation, and make adjustments and set goals moving forward.

I will have to say that we have been doing this years (my husband started it), and it has served us well in focusing on life’s goals and challenges.