Lecture on sustainability 4/7/2014

My school is having this lecture on sustainability and how architecture can relate to it. I don’t think I can stay all the way, but am glad for the fact that the turnout for this talk is great. There seems to be great interest in how we should practice and make more of an impact through design.
Right up my alley, and here are some of the organizations mentioned:

– The 1% Program (architects to donate pro bono design time to communities)
– Code for America (to make code more streamlined and sustainable for the built environment)
– Architecture for Humanity (of course)
– SPUR (they have a branch in San Jose, CA to address the urban design issues in that area… Much needed)
– ADPSR (this one is new. Have to check it out).

All in all; I feel there is so much needed to be done, and architects really need to talk to engineers, urban thinkers, social engineers, and politicians and achieve better design. Architecture is not about forms…. It has to encompass core human values to be sustainable.



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