Cool lecture this evening – but can I go?

Cool lecture this evening – but can I go?

Lecture by Japanese architect Kyohei Sakaguchi, today 6pm at The Wurster Hall at UC Berkeley. Check out this work…. highly personal, poetic, and yes, green. Check out this web site:

Sounds interesting, but the prospect of driving to the East Bay during rush hour with a six year old in tow dampens my enthusiasm. How can working parents be able to business network and pursue their passion and interests after work? It sounds like I am complaining, and in a sense I am. Being a parent is like the best gig in the world, but seriously if someone tells you that they can have it all (work + family balance), they are lying.


New Project in the Tenderloin, SF

New Project

Just started this new project – retrofit of an existing historical building for an organization who serves the socially and economically disadvantaged population. And we are talking about a rough street in a neighborhood known for active drug dealing, prostitution, and other criminal activities.

The building was built in 1916, has good bones, but is in pretty bad cosmetic shape. The previous tenant is a health clinic who went bankkrupt, and decided to just leave without cleaning up.

When we walked the site yesterday there were still drugs and needles everywhere. We were told not to touch anything on site.

The client tells me that they would like this to become one of the main “hubs” of social services in the area, along side with St. Anthony’s and other organizations that serve the very poor and disabled. It should be a desirable, social, sustainable place where people can gather and chat, and the organization becoming a gem of the neighborhood.

This is going to be a fun project.

I am back…..

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. Now that I am not buried in teaching and its related bureaucracy in the next few months, I can focus on my design practice and research work. I will likely post of daily/twice weekly musings on this blog. Stay tuned.